A Graduation Like No Other!

A Graduation Like No Other!

On September 3rd, some 31 church leaders from all over Cuba enjoyed the celebration of the second Graduation of our two-year course – Mission for Restoration.

This graduation was unique.

What made this graduation like no other, was that this time the courses were not taught primarily by CMA staff, as outsiders, but by two of our previous graduates, two Cuban pastors who sensed God’s leading to pass on this training to other needy church leaders in their country.

Another amazing moment at the graduation was when they started the graduation with a one-hour discussion on their strategy to replicate this training once again and strengthen the church leaders.

Using CMA’s Mission for Restoration course, these passionate leaders are targeting five different regional areas where our current graduates live and serve. This is exciting people! It’s time for you to join us and to get involved.


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