What We Do

Caribbean Ministries Association exists to provide Biblical training to serve the churches and ministries in the Caribbean and Central America. We are committed to teaching Scripture’s foundational doctrines; that the people of God may be fully equipped to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

The Caribbean is home to over 40 million people, many of whom have heard the Gospel but have only nominal spiritual growth. Churches are numerous, yet skilled teaching and training for the people is limited. Most churches are pastored by lay ministers who have had little opportunity to receive formal Bible training. Equipping these leaders will impact their congregations and generations to come through the Word of God.

For most of these lay pastors and church leaders to leave their homes and churches to attend seminary abroad is not only cost prohibitive, but would leave their churches without a pastor for an extended period of time. These leaders need equipping opportunities in the Caribbean that will allow them to continue their ministry while receiving the training that they need.