Love Your Enemies

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Love Your Enemies

Love your enemies? You’re kidding, right?!

Some would dare to admit that they have a few enemies in life. Very few have taken the opportunity to truly love their enemies. It is a rare thing nowadays to see examples of this standard set forth by Christ.

I was given the chance to see this type of love recently through Nixon, a young ex-gang member who now loves the Lord with passion. Talk about love in action. He’s pictured here with Emilio, who was among a group of machete-wielding men who attacked Nixon one night and left him for dead on the street.

Nixon’s life was saved—but only after his leg was amputated. Two years later, Emilio attended the church where Nixon now serves as a Youth Pastor and accepted the Lord as His Savior. This was in part due to Nixon’s love and forgiveness for his “enemies.”

Just the other week Nixon and his wife were invited over to Emilio’s house to have dinner with Emilio and his wife and begin to build and share in their new relationship in Jesus.

The gospel has power, friends—incredible, restoring power.