CMA’s first graduation in Cuba

CMA’s first graduation in Cuba

CMA’s first graduation in Cuba
First phase of training is completed
In June 2014, we launched our very first training classes in Havana. I am happy to report that less than one year later, of the 41 pastors and leaders which participated, 24 successfully completed CMA’s youth leader training and have graduated. Amazingly, they completed the eight classes that normally take 2 years to complete, in less than a year. These students come from many churches and seminaries, representing four strategic cities and five different mainline denominations that cover the island. What a joy it has been to journey with them over the past year, seeing them joyfully embrace the courses that have equipped and challenged them to reach the least, the last and the lost in their cities and communities.

Carl and Kathy Most, CMA’s missionaries in Nicaragua have connected the two countries together by involving trained Nicaraguan leaders in the training process in Cuba. Get this: Nicaraguans training Cubans! It is amazing how God brought two countries together. The Nicaraguan leaders not only assisted with the teaching, they were able to share their “story” of God’s grace in their lives and ministries as a vivid example of what God is doing in Nicaragua.

The purpose of our first phase of training was to train the trainers. Many of the graduates are already reproducing what they have learned by teaching the material to the leaders in their churches.

Please continue to pray with us that God will give clarity and direction as we begin the next phase of training in 2016. We fully believe that this is only the beginning of many years of fruitful ministry on the island.

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