Dream Becomes a Reality

Dream Becomes a Reality

As I sat in the pew of the Haitian church in Gregorytown, Eleuthera, watching the 12 Haitian men listen intently to Brad Fox as he taught them how to study the Bible for themselves, I couldn’t help but think back to our time in Eleuthera ten years ago when we only dreamed of making training available to the Haitian pastors and leaders. These men are from Haiti. Some have been in Eleuthera for many years while others arrived more recently. Most come for the same reason – to seek a better life outside of the hardships of their homeland, Haiti.

Just last month, God gave us the incredible opportunity to equip these Haitian leaders with Bible training. With training materials in both English and French, these men are excited to have this opportunity. As I watched them eagerly listen and join in the discussion of the Bible Study Methods course, I asked myself – “What kind of journey have these men been on? How did they get here? What kind of person is willing to leave their family, their way of life, their homeland to carve out a life in Eleuthera? And…would I be willing to do the same if I were in their shoes?

I concluded that their great hunger for learning has been forged in the crucible of life. In the midst of great hardship, these are men of faith who are willing pay whatever price it costs to be equipped in God’s Word. I am thankful that God allowed me to see this dream become a reality for them. And I am humbled to call these men my friends. — Paul Voss, Executive Director

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