Summer Internship

internsAre you prepared to join His work in Eleuthera for a summer?

Each summer, we have opportunities for college aged students to serve alongside our missionary staff in Eleuthera in hosting mission teams and assisting with local ministry. Whether it’s your first time to Eleuthera or you’ve been here before, the ministry role of an intern will be a summer filled with service opportunities. There is no other way to approach this than to have the attitude of a servant. You will be required to pour yourself out physically, emotionally, and spiritually for an entire summer. Your experience as an intern will be some of the most demanding and stretching times of ministry, but also some of the most rewarding. Through these challenges, God will teach and mature you more than you thought possible if you will let Him have His way with you.

To qualify, you must have either completed your freshmen year of college or have a year of post high school work experience. For more information or to apply, download our EBTC Summer Intern Information & Application or contact Bill Landers at