Ministering to Broken and Unchurched Families in Cuba

Ministering to Broken and Unchurched Families in Cuba

Never for the faint hearted, although to be honest there were some moments where our “old hearts” did look like they would faint, the heat factor was incredible.  What a joy to be involved in 2 youth camps over a period of 10 days, pouring into the lives of 230 youth.  We find it hard to put into words all of the joy, power, love, hope, forgiveness and praise of the Lord that took place in those days.  Perhaps the following photos will do it justice.

If I did attempt to use some words they would be … soul searching, intimate, dynamic, brokenness, community, uplifting worship, tangible hope, and eternal fruitfulness.  Many of these teens come from broken and unchurched families and just sobbed as they shared that never had they experienced 4 days of such unconditional love and joy in their lives – their tears were of thinking about what would await them when they returned home.

While it was an incredible privilege to be involved in the teaching and games at these camps, I think our greatest joy was in building relationships with 60+ of the future leaders of Cuba (ages 15-30) being equipped to lead, mentor, and facilitate small groups.  The theme this year was “Unveiling your heart before God” and these future leaders did this beautifully as God worked and spoke among them.

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