A healthy body of believers is founded on sound doctrine from God’s Word, developing disciples of Jesus Christ, and working to join God in His mission to all the nations. Caribbean Ministries Association (CMA) offers a Bible training program designed to assist the local church in becoming a thriving community of believers who are realizing all that God intended them to be and do. As a multi-denominational training ministry, CMA also works to connect local churches to the larger body of Christ in each community to form networks of believers who are working together in God’s mission to build His people in His Word and send them out in the world.

The tenets of Bible training through CMA include:

  • Sound doctrine that is focused on the essential truths of God’s Word
  • Multi-denominational involvement of Christ-followers who are actively involved in the learning process and building strong relationships with other believers
  • Conservative, evangelical Bible teachers who are well equipped in the Scriptures and experienced in Christian ministry
  • Curriculum that develops students in their understanding of God’s Word and in their ability to utilize their spiritual gifts in serving the body of Christ

The goal of CMA is not to be the local church, but to assist her in equipping God’s people with God’s Word by providing Biblical training that is relational, relevant, accessible, and affordable.

If you would like to get involved by teaching, please let us know via our Teaching Application.