Since CMA was established more than 15 years ago, the ministry’s leadership has prayed for God to open the doors in Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean and home to over 11 million people.

With new foreign relationships available with Cuba, CMA is excited about how God has orchestrated details and made connections for us to have a growing ministry presence there now.

In connection with our missionaries, Carl and Kathy Most, we are coming alongside Cuban churches and leaders, as they prepare their leaders through out the country for more effective ministries.

The six Missional Church Courses that CMA offers are being well received, and are inspiring churches across the country to boldly leave the safety of their church walls and strategically reach out into their surrounding towns. We are hearing exciting reports of incredible impact in the lives of those society often considers the least, the last and the lost, as these leaders, and their churches, share with the Good News of the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Testimonies of Cuban church leaders…

Maikel from Sancti Spiritus

“As I always say, theses courses provide a time of re-newel and edification. Above all else, it is where we feel God challenge us to live for Him and for the Gospel, walking each day with Christ”.

Felix from Santa Clara

“Don’t forget to bring the training materials for the future implementation of it in our church. We have a great desire for our congregation to grow spiritually and we are trusting God will do this through your courses.
I would like to invite others church leaders also to participate in these courses, because if God used it to change my life and focus, God can also do it in their lives right!”

Noel : Cabaiguán

“The training was of tremendous impact and challenge for me. This time the course was about the restoration and healing of families. God opened this area up, which I had kept hidden in my heart due to hurts and frustrations in my past. God is good and healed me of my hurts with His grace. He will also, little by little, restore my broken relationships with my parents and siblings”.

Alberto: Camagüey

“My participation in the courses has been a time of blessing and much joy as well. We are so grateful to the Lord for your efforts in helping us. God has seen our difficulties, and I believe that He is responding to the cries of the youth and the injustice that He sees in the cities. I hope that the following courses of Mission for Restoration will serve greatly in helping us to respond better to these ongoing needs.

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